Helsinki School

Gallery Taik Persons

Device No.2, 2017
sunlight on gelatine silver print, pigment print, brass, solder, magnifying glass
25 x 21 x 50cm
edition of 5 (from the series of 10 devices)

The Pursuit of Form is Only a Pursuit of Time, 2017
pigment print, framed
69 x 84cm
Edition of 6

The Shadow of the Sun Rests On the Shadow Table as the Shadow Ink Pours Over the Shadow Paper, 2017
pigment print, framed
30 x 26 cm
Edition of 6 +2 AP

Device No.5 (The Third Sun), 2017
Sunlight on Photograph,
Brass, Solder, Magnifying Glass
14 x 10cm
unique (from the series of 10 devices)

This Place Is Nowhere, 2016
Framed pigment print
44 x 34 cm

Foreign Light, 2015
Pigment print, framed, text
24 cm x 32 cm

To See How the Moon Sees, 2016
Rolled pigment print, , steel tripod, spotlight
150 x 200 cm