Karl Ketamo works in a multidisciplinary approach towards photography, moving image, sculpture, and
installation. In his work, Ketamo makes use of the found images and objects, which he recycles, reworks,
and presents in a new manner. While maintaining a close relation to the original subject at hand,
Ketamo’s working methods enable him to suggest new meanings and interpretations which underlie the
seemingly ordinary subjects of his work. With a tendency towards open-endedness and an interplay
between various mediums his work cast questions on landscape as a medium with complex and critical
histories in narration of national identities, commodification of nature and the climate crisis.

Ketamo holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in photography from the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague
(Netherlands) and a Master of Arts in photography from Aalto University School of Arts, Design and
Architecture. Ketamo’s works have been on display, for example, at the Eye Film Institute in
Amsterdam, the House of Representatives of the Dutch Parliament, the Photoville Photo Festival in
New York, the Finnish Museum of Photography and gallery Hippolyte in Helsinki.