Helsinki School

Gallery Taik Persons

Nine Nameless Mountains

Nine Nameless Mountains challenges the notion of authorship with a body of work made by one common author with 16 eyes. It is a poetical and absurd topographical exploration of the notion of distance and scales – latitude versus altitude. Nine Nameless Mountains is built as a playful and discrete collection of photographs mixing various mediums: traditional analog photography, video stills, laser prints, drawings or mobile phone shots; they are the traces of small experiences, hazardous observations and improvised happenings. The material produced afterwards was re-interpreted collectively, passed from one hand to the other after we have returned to the studio to look at and discuss the material – inspiring and confronting each-other.

The resulting body of work follows the group experimentations, with the mountain as a “leitmotif”, the escaping horizon as a metaphor for life and the impossibility to reach an absolute goal; it revisits the genre of the road-trip with an impish attitude and a curiosity towards the unknown. On our way North, we explored the surroundings: stones, waves, fog and light created a playful story – our motive for the celebration of friendship, photography and chance.