The Finnish word "tila" has multiple meanings. It can mean an architectural space, an interior, the space and distance between different objects, the space inside an object, a farm, a condition of phenomena or the state of mind. Within all these different aspects of the conception "tila" occur political, sociological and cultural interpretations.

Perception and the understanding of what we see have been an important aspect of my photographic work. The series TILA consists of more than 60 works or sub series. The scale and size of the works play a meaningful role; in an almost 1:1 scale they have a physical part in the exhibition space.

One of the series is TILA (Passage I-VII). All works have the same interior image as the starting point. I have altered, distorted and twisted the perspective of the interior with color fields, color dots and other dots – sights through a glass ball or a magnifying glass. All acts refer to the perception or the experience of the space.

The perception or our experience of an interior space does not only depend on our eyes; the total experience is a mixture of the scale of the space, the light, the materials used, the purpose of the use of the space and not to forget other senses such as hearing, smell, sense of touch and movement within the space.