Helsinki School

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The Helsinki School
Vol. 4 - A Female View

Published by: Hatje Cantz in 2011.
Format: 29.00 x 24.00 cm, hardcover
Pages: 192 pages., ca. 190 color illustrations
Edited: Aalto University - School of Art and Design
Texts: Andrea Holzherr, Timothy Persons
Artists: Elina Brotherus, Nanna Hänninen, Maarit Hohteri
Wilma Hurskainen, Tiina Itkonen, Ulla Jokisalo, Aino Kannisto,
Sanna Kannisto, Sandra Kantanen, Eeva Karhu, Marjaana Kella,
Milja Laurila, Anni Leppälä, Jaana Maijala, Susanna Majuri, Riitta Päiväläinen, Nelli Palomäki, Marjukka Vainio, Ea Vasko, Niina Vatanen, Saana Wang, Pernilla Zetterman
Designed by: Margarethe Hausstätter, Claudia Stein
Language: English
ISBN 978-3-7757-3211-6

The fourth volume of the books of the Helsinki School focuses on female artists, inquiring into the possibility of a special female point of view. Innovative concepts and techniques as well as a variety of forms distinguish the work of this generation of photographers – the spectrum ranges from Tiina Itkonen´s documentary style pictures of Greenland and Anni Leppälä´s theatrically staged interiors to the painterly nature studies by Sandra Kantanen.

Ulla Jokisalo
- Guises of Play

Published: Musta Taide 2010
Format: hardcover, bound
Pages: 91 pages
Text: Anna Kortelainen
Artist: Ulla Jokisalo
Language: Finnish, English
ISBN: 9525818152, 9789525818154
Musta Taide

European Eyes on Japan
Japan Today Vol. 13

Published by: EU - Japan Fest Japan Committee 2011
Format: Softcover
Artists: Kalle Kataila, Krista Mölder
Language: English /Japanese
Exhibition catalogue

Sanna Kannisto: Fieldwork

Published by: Aperture Foundation, 2011
Format: Hardcover
Pages:  96 pages
Language: English
Artist: Sanna Kannisto
ISBN-10: 159711152X
ISBN-13: 978-1597111522

Jorma Puranen, varjoja ja heijastuksia =
shadows and reflections

Published: Sinebrychoff Art Museum, 2011
Format: hardcover, bound
Pages: 78 pages
Artist: Jorma Puranen
Language: Finnish, English
ISBN: 978951533383-4


Published by: the Artist, 2011
Format: Hardcover
Artist: Mikko Rikala

Sandra Kantanen


Published: Hatje Cantz in 2011.
Format: 24.60 x 28.90 cm, Half cloth
Pages: 128 pages, 70 color illustrations
Foreword: Timothy Persons
Texts: Alistair Hicks & Tomas Träskman
Graphic design: Inger Kulvik-Kantanen
Language: English
ISBN 978-3-7757-3191-1

Sandra Kantanen’s monograph Landscapes, presents works created between 2001 and 2010. Strongly influenced by traditional Chinese landscape painting, Kantanen combines two media and utilizes painterly means to achieve the poetic expression of her works. First printed on hand-painted metal grounds and then digitally processed – creating distortion, blurring, or streaking – the works of Kantanen investigate and expand the boundaries of photography itself.

Liisa Ihmemaassa
Alice in Wonderland

Published by: The Finnish Museum of Photography, 2011
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 179 Pages
Texts: Sheyi Bankale, Reetta Haarajoki, Elina Heikka,
Kati Lintonen, Anna-Kaisa Rastenberger, Tiina Rauhala,
Erja Salo
Artists from the Helsinki School:
Elina Brotherus, Anni Leppälä, Ulla Jokisalo, Susanna Majuri,
Nelli Palomäki, Riitta Päiväläinen, Tuomo Rainio
Language: Finnish / English / Swedish
The Finnish Museum of Photography publication 34
Exhibition catalogue
ISBN 978-951-9086-82-8
ISSN 1239-6141